Hurricane.Finance Post-Launch Update — December 7th, 2020

3 min readDec 8, 2020


Hey Storm Watchers,

When hurricanes touch land things can get a little crazy! It’s always our hope to address your concerns and prioritize your needs. While today may have been somewhat of a shit storm, we at Hurricane.Finance are storm professionals. To help address the concerns caused by today’s scare we wanted to update our community and provide some insight.

Hurricane.Finance is simple and experimental yield farming designed to benefit storm chasers for the long term. It introduces “Storms” for stakers and liquidity providers to earn rewards and increase their holdings while participating in network growth. Our team consists of 3 developers who have prior industry work on blockchain development, a popular YF** product, smart contract audits, multisig signers on known .finance product, and so much more! $CANE was inspired by combining ideas from SEAL (LP economics), VOX (community + governance model), and NAMI (Easy single-side LP staking).

Now that you know more about the creation of Hurricane.Finance let’s review some past and present concerns!

The contract was audited twice by TheBlockchainAuditor. These can be reviewed here: (Audit 1 | Audit 2)

We’ve created 3 buckets for you to see your earnings:
- CANE Farming Rewards
- ETH Rewards from LP fees
- CANE Rewards from LP fees

For Katrina and non-ETH pools, all claimed LP rewards will be received in ETH

We worked with another developer to review and implement security measures (read more about here)

Our contract and farming went live on December 7th, 2020 @ 19:00 UTC

Our decision to whitelist addresses was a last minute executive decision made to protect the integrity of our liquidity pool. This decision did raise some unexpected concerns that we would like to address:
- It was our goal to provide security against bots by adding liquidity to the pool prior to launch (this was a suggestion provided to us by the community in our development stages)
- As a thank you for their services, we included a non-team member who unfortunately abused this privilege
- With the help of our community we identified this member in our public Telegram channel, addressed them directly and moved forward with a community determined resolution (you can review this in telegram directly)
- The project is still STABLE and SAFE

We understand if you still have some concerns and would be happy to prove them wrong. We believe in our community and our community still believes in us. You can check out how we’re currently trending (here) and see if you’re ready to become a part of it. We are happy that you’ve taken some time to catch up on all that has happened and look forward to you chasing storms with us!

To our current Storm Chasers

How are those 5 digit APYs looking? We appreciate you for supporting us through the hard times. We know things are a bit hard in the beginning but we are happy that you are now reaping some of the greatest rewards farming has to offer. We know you don’t have too many concerns but we didn’t leave you out of this update! Check below for some important POST-Launch updates regarding our Storms:

We just finished fixing some bugs on the site
- The APY calculation is fixed to factor TVL
- The $CANE price pulling from Uniswap
- The fee labels updated under Unstake and Claim buttons

If you need help getting to starting your storm chasing, you can easily join here on our website! You can also purchase our $CANE token directly from Uniswap to start earning HUGO rewards.

Storm Chasing can be a bit scary at first so only jump in when you are ready for some Category 5 WINS.

Remember now that we’ve launched you don’t want to miss out on any of the updates we have coming your way. Keep an eye on our announcements channel in Telegram and Discord or our Twitter to be the first to get information.

Good luck and Happy Storm Chasing




Hurricane Finance is simple and experimental yield farming designed to benefit storm chasers for the long term.