Hurricane Warning: The Storms Are Coming Back!

3 min readDec 14, 2020


Are you ready Storm Chasers?

It looks like a great day to bring in some Category 5 WINS! Our team of Storm Experts (the 3-dev team) have put their blood, sweat and tears in getting our Hurricanes back to their top WIN speeds. They have also been working on making the AirGrab (aka airdrop) feature quick and easy! Let’s take a look at some of our upcoming launch details.

New Tokens
With the launch of our new pools comes the dawn of our new tokens! We are proud to present to you $HCANE and $HGOV!

Site Features
The site has the same features as it previously did, with some minor adjustments.

1. Purchases will be delayed for 15 minutes after farming has started to minimize front-running
2. The 8% exit fee in Katrina has been adjusted to help increase buy pressure. It’s now a 6% exit fee, and a 2% entry fee. The 2 % is used to buy HCANE when you stake in Katrina
3. There will be a new page with 3 new VERY IMPORTANT buttons!

AirGrabbing (AirDrop) Feature*
To make AirGrabbing your previously staked tokens and ETH a straightforward task, we have created a dedicated Claims area. This page will allow you to select the claiming option that best suits your needs. You can:

Continue chasing the Category 5 WINS using:
Claim and Stake HCANE** — this function focuses on finding the CANE you had previously staked in Hugo and earned from our storms. Calculating the total and staking it all into Hugo.

Claim and Stake ETH** — this function searches for the ETH you submitted to LP during your time chasing Hurricane Katrina. It calculates the available balance and stakes it to Katrina.


Return my ETH — this function searches for the ETH you submitted to LP, similar to Claim and Stake ETH, except it will transfer your available ETH to your wallet with no penalties (excluding gas fees). With this option, you are ending your Storm Chasing days altogether.

Note: *AirGrabbing only applies to our Storm Chasers, the members who were staked in the Katrina or Hugo farming pools. Any CANE still left in your wallet will not be replaced by the AirGrab feature.

**This option will reset your staking/claim timer giving you the option to claim and/or withdraw your $ETH or $HCANE according to the charts displayed here (with the new 6% exit fee adjustment to Hurricane Katrina applied).

We know the big question on everyone’s mind is:
How much am I getting back? (All of the following calculations are based on information available from the snapshot prior to exploit)

When you choose to use the Claim and Stake HCANE function, the system searches for all of your CANE staked in Hugo and your earned pending rewards. This amount is added together to provide you with 100% of your CANE restaked as $HCANE in Hugo.

With the Return my ETH and Claim and Stake ETH option the system totals the amount of ETH you deposited when staking with Katrina. Since approximately 85% of your ETH was returned from the exploit, you will receive 85% of your staked ETH back to your wallet or restaked in Katrina, depending on your selection.

We are proud to be on schedule for launch Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 at 00:00 UTC (December 14th, 7pm EST). While it may have been a rocky road, the WINS from Storm Chasing are totally worth it!

As we approach the launch of our new pools and tokens keep an eye on our announcements channel in Telegram and Discord or our Twitter to be the first to get important updates!




Hurricane Finance is simple and experimental yield farming designed to benefit storm chasers for the long term.