Hurricane.Finance — The ETH Has Landed

2 min readDec 13, 2020


What’s up Storm Chasers?

This has been one hell of a ride with some wildly unexpected outcomes. Chasing storms can get a little scary but it’s mostly very exciting! If you’ve been following along with us in our Telegram channel you know your ETH has been returned by the account holder. While we did only receive a percentage of it (see here), some is better than none!

Regardless of the amount, this is all thanks to you — our loyal community — for sharing our message and helping spread the word! Thank you.

Now that we have your ETH and V2 well on its way, you can bet yourself that our storms are coming back with strong WINS. We are gearing up for the release of $HCANE and $HGOV. With the debut of our new token we are also releasing the AirDrop feature for all previous token holders. This is all possible because of the tireless effort our Storm Experts (the 3-dev team) have been putting in to provide you with more Category 5 WINS!

We are currently on track for our V2 launch set for this Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 7pm UTC (2pm EST). Our Storm Experts have already completed the contract at this moment and are currently working on the design of the AirDrop feature. With this new feature, we are hoping to provide you a percentage of your ETH, options to automatically restake your AirDropped $HGOV tokens back into HUGO, claiming options to receive your previously pending CANE rewards and possibly more. Once our Storm Experts complete the development of the AirDrop feature we will provide you with a separate update that will include:

  • A guide on how to use the AirDrop feature
  • Confirmed details on the AirDrop rewards being provided

As always we want to bring you our best and keep the WINS coming. While we may have hit a snag in the road, our Storm Chasing days are not yet over. We thank you again for supporting us and look forward to bringing you more great news this upcoming week!

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Hurricane Finance is simple and experimental yield farming designed to benefit storm chasers for the long term.