Hurricane.Finance Update

2 min readDec 12, 2020


Hey Storm Chasers!

In the life of chasing hurricanes, there are some unexpected ups and downs. You never know when the next great WIN is coming your way. Well we are proud to tell you, there might be one coming soon! We have confirmed the account holder of the community’s ETH. We began negotiations with them this morning and are currently working out the details of the return.

This could not have happened without you, our faithful community spreading the word! It is because of you that we were able to reach as many people as we did and make our message known. This is proof that together, our community of Storm Watchers and Chasers are capable of great results!

We would also like to thank our fellow Storm Chaser who got the message and took the steps to reach out. Our community would not be the same without your willingness to work with us. As the admin team of this community, we thank you for being an honest person and believing in this project. While you will remain anonymous for your own safety and security, we do want you to be aware that your support of Hurricane.Finance doesn’t go unnoticed.

Negotiations are still underway and we have not yet confirmed the return of your ETH. We have confirmed the user by having them issue a self-signed transaction to themselves. You can see this transaction below:

Once we have finalized the details of the return we will update the community as a whole. This will involve plans on how this affects you and your future investments with Hurricane.Finance as well as our plans for V2. Until we have finalized these details we ask that you avoid purchasing any additional CANE as any ETH returned will be added to the LP of our new token. Please avoid buying lumpsomes of $CANE in anticipation of a price jump.

As we continue through negotiations keep an eye on our announcements channel in Telegram and Discord or our Twitter to be the first to get updates.