$HCANE Has Arrived

Hey Storm Watchers,

It’s time to officially start chasing these 5 digit aka Category 5 Storms! If you previously had ETH or CANE staked with us, we would like to thank you for being a loyal Storm Chaser and welcome you back with some wonderful benefits. Your previously staked ETH and CANE is available for you to claim via our AirGrab feature. You can read more about it here.

For those of you who are new to Storm Chasing, let’s get you caught up! Hurricane.Finance is simple and experimental yield farming designed to benefit storm chasers for the long term. It introduces “Storms” for stakers and liquidity providers to earn rewards and increase their holdings while participating in network growth. Our team consists of our 3 developers (the lead dev being one of the previous multisig signers on SEAL) who have prior industry work on blockchain development, work on popular YF* project, smart contract audits and so much more! $HCANE was inspired by combining ideas from SEAL (LP economics), VOX (community + governance model), and NAMI (easy single-side LP staking).

Now that you know more about the creation of Hurricane.Finance let’s review some of the project details and updates!

If you’ve followed our story from the beginning you understand that we believe in our community and we know our community believes in us. In just a week the Hurricane.Finance team has DeFi’d the odds. You can check out how we’re currently trending (here) and see if you’re ready to become a part of it. We are happy that you’ve taken some time to catch up on all that has happened and look forward to you chasing storms with us!

If you need help getting started storm chasing you can easily join here on our website! Storm Chasing can be a bit scary at first only jump in when you’re ready for some Category 5 WINS. You can also purchase our $HCANE token directly from Uniswap to start earning Hugo Governance rewards.

Remember now that we’ve launched you don’t want to miss out on any of the updates we have coming your way. Keep an eye on our news feed in Telegram and Discord or our Twitter to be the first to get information.

Good luck and Happy Storm Chasing



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Hurricane Finance is simple and experimental yield farming designed to benefit storm chasers for the long term.